It Sounds Like Quavo Finally Opens Up About his Alleged Relationship With Nicki Minaj on “Huncho Dreams”

Okay get in here gossip lovers!!!. Quavo just released his Huncho album and the third track on the rappers solo album, Quavo Huncho, is raising eyebrows. For some time now there has been talk of Quavo and Nicki minaj having a “thing” but neither of the rappers ever opened up about it except from a slight shade Nicki minaj threw on her Barbie dreams track. Quavo raps: “She said I hurt her feelings 52 times,” in reference to Nicki’s Beat 1 interview in which she told the host that she was hurt by the whole “Motorsport” fiasco.

Quavo went on to rap:

Call up queen (Nicki)
The queen can’t flex on a young bull (Flex)
Made her scream (Scream)
Chanel, I bought her two of ’em
You can check IG (Hey, IG)

Also during the listening party of the Huncho party, Nicki minaj was mimicked during the show. View video below



Could all these be an indication of something serious or is it a joke? We’ll wait and see.

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