French Montana pays NYC woman’s bail

French Montana pays NYC woman’s bail

Popular rapper and hip hop artist, Karim Kharbouch, better known by his stage name French Montana, is joining the voices of many who are against the cash bail system because it weighs so heavily against the poor cash bail system.
Rapper French Montana, has been collaborating for a bigger cause: helping to fix the criminal justice system one person at a time.

Recently, French paid the bail for an unnamed Bronx, N.Y., woman who couldn’t afford it. It highlights the numerous issues of cash bail which often penalizes people for simply being poor.

“I got a best friend doing 75 years in jail,” French told TMZ on Monday. “I got another friend doing 30 years in jail. I just feel like it’s not a crime to be in poverty.

“I feel like you should be innocent until proven guilty,” he added. “Just because you can’t afford to be out of there doesn’t mean you should be in there. A lot of people lose their families, jobs, kids and all kinds of things for something that petty and we want to end that whole cash bail thing.”

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