Adulthood: What they never told us.

Like little children with dreams, we all journeyed into a prescribed pattern of life, from birth to preschool to primary education, then move on to secondary school with dreams of what the world expects from us. We focus on “escaping” to the bigger world, we want to grow! The “I can’t wait” then comes WAEC, JAMB, maybe more than one attempt before university
We keep going, living, moving because that’s what we should do. Nobody told us to consciously “Live”, nobody told us that the life we are rushing to have is not a bed of roses,
Boom! I’m now a graduate!
What’s Next?
It becomes clear, we are now responsible!
The job search, getting a job, responsibilities starts to pour in, there’s always something to pay for, then the need to be accepted and Matter.
The pressures! when are you? When will you? Who are you? How are you?
Nobody told us that life is an “Unending Circle”
Nobody told us that we can’t have it all, we can’t be satisfied, nobody told us that things change, life happens, people change and that we should prepare for the “worst”
Nobody told us that the clock is ticking!
We had longed to be here,
Alas! Adulthood is all a sham

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