What’s happening to one of our social media giants?

Several days ago Facebook admitted to having a massive data breach affecting over 50 million people. The social media giant reported the incident, which enabled hackers to exploit a weakness in Facebook’s code.

A lot of people had no clue that this even took place because facebook failed to provide clear advice to users following the breach and who, exactly, had been affected by this breach and the nature of data compromised. This case would remind you of 2016 LinkedIn data breach which led to 160 million accounts being compromised.

This was a scandal that Google was all too aware of when it discovered its Google+ social network had exposed data in March this year. The public has been trusting big firms such as Google and Facebook with their data for years. They have offered their location data to these platforms, also very personal and sensitive information and information about personal choices and preferences which helps these platforms target them with so-called ‘personalized’ advertising. But these companies are proving that they can not be trusted with these personal and sensitive data.

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