Seyi shay talks about how she was motivated to start music in Nigeria.

Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua who goes by the stage name ‘ Seyi Shay’ is a Nigerian based singer-songwriter, recording artist, performer, and record producer. Seyi debuted into the Nigerian music industry in 2011 with her hit songs ‘Loving Your Way’ and ‘Irawo”. The singer was born and brought up in the UK by her Nigerian parents. She studied music at a local UK college and soon went on to pursue her music career in the UK.




In a recent interview with BBC Africa, the singer revealed how she was motivated to move back to Nigeria to start a proper music career. She said her late mum told her “Why don’t you go to Nigeria and do music? I think that’s where you are really going to become something.” She soon decided to move back to Nigeria, “I didn’t think there was ever going to be this kind of wave right now but look at, she was right!” she said.

The musician also said that “I continue to do music, as hard as it is in Nigeria and Africa to be an independent musician, funding yourself, supporting yourself, just trying to push this Afrobeats flag. Its hard, I want to give up so many times but I think about my mum, I can’t give up and I love it


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