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World Mental Health Day – October 10th

According to the world health organization popularly known as WHO Mental health is an issue of public health concern and this year #WorldMentalHealthDay draws attention to the importance of mental health. The theme this year is “Young people and #mentalhealth in a changing world”.

There is no health without mental health. But the reality is that mental health is often forgotten and ignored in public health planning especially in a country like Nigeria. They went on to state that “emotional disorders commonly emerge during adolescence.

In addition to depression or anxiety, adolescents with emotional disorders can also experience excessive irritability, frustration, or anger” and “#Adolescence is crucial for developing social & emotional habits important for #MentalHealth”.

They revealed that some adolescents are at greater risk of #mentalhealth conditions due to their living conditions, stigma, discrimination or exclusion, or lack of access to quality support and services. This shocking fact calls for more attention to mental illness among individuals.

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