Kanye West Defends Azealia Banks Against Lana Del Rey, With Possible Collaboration On The Way

Who would have thought?

Kanye West has sided with Azealia Banks in her beef against Lana Del Rey.

Azealia Banks shared a screenshot of her chat with Kanye West and where she showed the later the screenshot of her twitter beef with Lana Del Rey and added the caption, “Lana beefing with me on twitter.”

“Lmfaooo…LOL you hot my niggaaa.” she later added.

Kanye, who has deleted his twitter account replied with “you never blew it.” in reference to Del Rey’s assumptions that Azealia had blown her career away.

“There is so much to do.” He encouraged her.

And in yet another post, Azealia insinuated that she was on her way to Chicago, possibly to collaborate with Kanye West.


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