“I’m sick and tired of beggars sliding in my dm”- Eldee

“I am sick and tired Of beggars sliding in my dm” – Eldee

American based Nigerian musician, Lanre ‘eLDee‘ Dabiri has complained about people who slide into his DM to beg, as he barely has enough to feed his family. In his words:
“I’m sick and tired of people sliding into my DM to beg for money. I barely have enough for me and my girls and I sure don’t have money trees growing in my yard.”

He went on to explain that giving out money means he will have to deprive his family of convenience. But he says, he is ready to teach people how to make money for themselves.

“You need to know that every time i give you money, I am depriving myself and my family of the present and future convenience. I lv to give but I love my daughters more than I love you. The most sacrifice I’m willing to make right now is to teach you how to get money by yourself. We all have the same 24 hours.

“Sad truth is that most people who beg aren’t willing to put in the necessary work to get out of their situation. Begging is the laziest of your options. You have limbs and a brain. You don’t have to be smart to have a job. Of course, the response is always “I can’t find a job” but the truth is you can, you just think you’re too cool for what’s available to you. You’d rather try to shame me than paying your way through life.”

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