OBSESSION – The new Novel by Nigeria’s renowned Writer; Olu Balogun

Olu Balogun took my mind to another level with Obsession. Not only will you be entertained by the romantic side of the writing but also, you will love the way he takes time to describe certain feelings, looks, actions and environments.

Chapter 1 -3 is a suspense-filled ride and then, when you get to chapter 4 – 6, where there was a beach party, you will love the way the dancing was expressed and also the way he related the ocean’s waves to life and feelings.

Olu Balogun is one African writer to look out for! People say Africans don’t read but we all know that’s a lie because, at least you’re reading this! Lol.

You should order a copy of his Novel on Jumia and pay on delivery, anywhere in Nigeria, and beyond. The Novel is only available in print for now. Get your hands on one!

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Olu Balogun studied Philosophy at the University of Lagos, and he is the Author and Producer of the popular, classic ‘Fame and Luv’ photo novels which were sponsored by various brands, including Chicken Republic and Total.

Follow him on Instagram – he has a lot of interesting short stories on there: @OlufemiTheGreat

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