Kanye Hints at possible sequel to “Watch the Throne” album with Jay Z

In 2011, then collaborators, Kanye West and Jay Z released a collaborative album, Watch the Throne, to both critical and commercial success. Not long after, the duo had issues which culminated in Kanye going on one of his famous Twitter rants.

Since then, not much have been heard about the two working together, or even being on speaking terms. But Kanye has teased fans that  a sequel to the album is in the works. The news also alludes to the fact that the two rap moguls have squashed their beef.

Kanye has now famously tweeted: “Throne 2 coming soon.”

The duo first collaborated when Kanye Produced part of Jay Z’s Blueprint album in 2001, and Kanye have since gone on to produce on all but two of Jay Z’s albums.

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