Lilian Afegbai Reveals Her Age, Fans Blast Her

Nollywood actress, Lilian Afegbai angers her fan after she declared her ‘real age’ on Instagram.
She made this known by posting one of her adorable photos online in which she reveals she’s 26yrs.

Lilian recently won the award for Best Indigenous Language Movies or TV Series – Igbo.
After winning the award, she felt the need to reintroduce herself to her fans.
She wrote;

“Let me re-introduce myself .
I am Lilian Afegbai,
I am 26 years old,
I am an actor and a producer,
I am an AMVCA winner,
I Pray and I slay,
Center stage is where I’m at,
World domination is where I’m headed”.

But one of her fans was quick to blast her and called her a liar, saying the actress is actually 30 years old, because they attended the same secondary school. Some fans shared the same opinion with this fan, while other fans and ex-school mate didn’t.
See their coversation below.

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