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How to Accelerate Your Life and Business Growth as a Social Media Influencer 

Growth or acceleration is not a function of physical activities.

It’s a function of an internal growth, firstly from a growth in your mentality and increased knowledge and also a growth in your capacity to get better results and ability to invest in quality relationships that accelerate your growth.

If you notice you seem to keep doing the same things in your life and business, when you know you can do better, here are practical ways to help yourself.

  1. Identify the specific area of your life you need help and struggle with growth eg growing your personal brand as an influencer, growing your audience, losing weight, creating great content, etc

  2. Find a teacher or teachers and invest in their books, courses, videos, training.
    This teacher can be local or international, but find someone who’s words inspires you to action and who’s life shows you that they have achieved the result you are struggling to achieve in your life.

  3. Feed your mind on their works and follow them until you get psychological permission to achieve the same result.

Psychological permission simply means you believe you can achieve a particular result because you’ve seen a role model achieve it and show you it’s possible for you to do same.

So keep studying their works and following them until you believe you can achieve the same too.

  1. Study their brand well to understand HOW they got results
    Success always leaves clues. If you understand the steps taken by this teacher or role model of yours, you can implement and achieve similar results.

  2. Invest in capacity development
    Sometimes, even after knowing what steps were taken to achieve particular results, you still need to overcome limiting beliefs and grow capacity to achieve your goals.

Your capacity development comes from knowledge, experience, and exposure to the right relationships, platforms and experiences.

You can invest in your capacity development by taking courses, training, going back to school for a masters degree or certification, volunteering in a high-performance environment or working in a high-performance team or a major project.

  1. Invest in your life and business
    No matter how much you study and stalk any influencer, there are A LOT OF things they know and do that they don’t share on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.

So, you have to invest in courses, training and tech tools and software so you can grow your capacity and your business.

  1. Invest in relationships with high-performing influencers in your industry
    No matter what you think you know, you need to invest in building and cultivating relationships with influencers in your industry.

They know things you don’t know, have results you should respect, have access to relationships you don’t have, have experiences you can’t even begin to imagine.

How to invest in relationships with influencers
1. Have an abundance mindset and focus on adding value to their lives and businesses
2. Follow their works and be their greatest fan
3. Invest in their courses or products
4. Buy and promote their books
5. Show up for their events
6. Find every excuse to add value to their lives and work

Please do all these without seeking to ask for favours, take pictures for the gram (so you can show that you know people).

Do this purely because you want to serve, you want to have access to their relationship and you know that if you are in their inner circle, your growth will be accelerated faster than you can imagine.

If you implement these 6 principles, you will break through whatever ice ceiling or stagnant growth you are experiencing in your life or business as a social media influencer.

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