Daddy Showkey gets into a brawl at Ras Kimono’s Burial

Late vetetan reggae artist, Ras Kimono was laid to rest over the weekend at his hometown in Asaba. Many veteran artists attended the event to pay their last respect to the Reggae King. At one of the events organized, where artistes were requested to perform, Daddy Showkey was requested to manage the stage. However, a video emerged showing a brawl between him and a man later identified to be an artiste associate.

In the video, Daddy Showkey was really upset as he threw the man off the stage. GoldMyneTv spoke with Daddy Showkey and he gave his account of what transpired.
Daddy Showkey said he was pleaded with to manage the stage and ensure those not needed don’t crowd the stage but the particular man in question came on the stage with an artiste. The stage was heavily occupied and so he politely requested that the man leaves the stage but he grew aggressive and locked his shirt.

In the process, the man pushed Late Ras Kimono’s Sister who fell. Daddy Showkey said at that moment, he couldn’t accept that disgrace and so he threw the man off the stage. The man’s decision to lock his shirt means he was ready to fight him and so he approached him to defend himself. Daddy Showkey said most times, people forget that celebrities are human beings as well with feelings and emotions.

Some people gathered and appealed to him for peace so he left the scene immediately. Daddy Showkey revealed that the man later came to apologize in the evening.

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