4 years old missing daughter of music producer, Elo Ogidi is back home

Earlier, the 4 year old daughter of Christ Embassy’s ace music producer A4 Bernard popularly know as A4Jeazy went missing for 2 months, but now she is back! News broke online via the instagram handle of gospel music singer Frank Edwards and Joe Praize.

“Celebration time!!! The princess is back!!! ?????? #Elohasbeenfound JESUS!! You are good!!”

This is coming few days after a lady by the name Blessing Ozeigbe claimed she saw the girl in Onitsha and told A4 Bernard the father of the little girl that all she wants is for him to tell people to follow her on social media. This of course caused a public uproar as people wander how callous human being can be with things as sensitive as the lost of a 4 year old child.

However the child, Elo is now back to her parents and a lot of people are thanking God.

Nathaniel Bassey took to Instagram to say this, moments ago:
“In Ghana ministering when this came in. Apparently I’ve been missing from the ACTION. ELO IS BACK
We promised the Lord we would be coming back to give him thanks after her safe return. We must fulfill that wow.
As I would be airborne tomorrow night, I would like us to gather at 12 noon NIGERIAN TIME later today to give thanks for at least 30 mins. I don’t know whether to cry or laugh. My heart is exploding in divine ecstasy and joy.
Baba! ELO welcome. I must see you to hug you.

Please don’t forget
SATURDAY, 25th, AUGUST, 2018.
Thank You Jesus!”

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