JOHANNESBURG – A Short Story By 16 Year Old Girl Film Maker – Zuriel Oduwole

When in 1977 the words ‘I believe the children are our future‘ was sung by Jazz great George Benson to the hit track The Greatest Love of ALL, a world where 12 year old film makers roamed the studios of Hollywood, or on location shoots one day in Africa, was perhaps not what this world renowned Pittsburg Guitarist-Pianist writer had in mind, when he recorded his very first music at the age of 9.

But 40 years later, this is exactly the story line scheduled for release in some movie making industry publications due out in news stands next month. The remarkable film making journey of Zuriel Oduwole, who produced, directed and edited her first documentary at the age of 9 about the Ghana Revolution, would be complemented by her new role as executive producer and director of a new ‘Pilot’ series for kids, focusing on the human and animal geography of countries across the African continent, starting with South Africa.

It is her simple and innocent way of sharing with the word, the colorful and eclectic cultures of other nations

To some, its Girl Power !! But to others, its the continued reality that ‘The Children are indeed, our Future’.


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