Sad Sunday: Oyo state Government demolishes Ayefele’s music house amidst wailings.

Today is an unforgettable day in the life of popular wheelchair bound musician, Yinka Ayefele. The Oyo State Government early on this morning stormed the Music House belonging to the artiste, demolishing it.

Government bulldozers arrived the Challenge area of Ibadan where the building was located and pulled it down, over claims that the building was standing on government property.

Ayefele, on wheelchair, watched helplessly and lots of sympathisers were seen wailing at the scene. Early on it was reported that Yinka Ayefele had pleaded with the government against demolishing the music house. Some reports also had it that certain programs which didn’t go down well with the government was aired on the artiste’s radio, fresh FM despite warnings from government.

Other reports added that the artiste tried to sue the government to court and that the governor of Oyo state, Ajibola Ajimobi in an interview, promised not to demolish the music house.
However, after all said and done, the music house was today destroyed amidst so much wailing.

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