Kanye West Attended 2Chainz Wedding In Socks And Slippers (SEE PICTURES)

We all know Kanye West as a non-conformist – one of the biggest in pop culture, if not the biggest.

From how he revolutionised hip-hop and expanded its sound, making it accessible to those who hitherto didn’t like hip-hop, to his fashions – which is refreshing to say the least.

During 2chainz wedding yesterday, Kanye again caught the limelight with his attire which was quintessentially Kanye in that it took the whole notion of wedding fashion, on its head, and did what he likes to do – make a statement that is away from the norm as water in the desert.

The Chicago born rapper wore a Louis Vuitton double breasted suit with fitting gold chains. But it was from the bottom down that he deviated from the norm. He wore Yeezy sanders and socks.

As if that wasn’t enough, he grabbed his wife’s butt – just for effect.

See pictures below.


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