Shan George advices Nigerians against travelling abroad

Veteran actress, Shan George, recently took to her Instagram page to share a video from the streets of New York, and she advised Nigerians desperate to travel abroad, to rethink their decision.

Shan George revealed that the hustle abroad ‘na die’ and people who owe rent abroad are locked out within 4 days. She concluded her video by telling Nigerians to never leave their country, unless they are sure of where they are going.

This video from Shan George is coming shortly after Nigerian Comedian, Alibaba shared the viral video of an American man advising intelligent people to leave the country on his Instagram. Alibaba had supported the man’s view.

The American man who stood for a street chat with a Nigerian man, said all he has heard about Nigeria is that ‘if you don’t open up your pocket and pay everyone from the lowest to the highest, you don’t get anything done’. He concluded his speech by stating that ‘ as an intelligent person, you need to get out of Nigeria if you want to get ahead, because the powers that be wants to hold everybody down; especially women and intelligent people’.

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