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Waje’s former assistant calls her out

Recently, popular Nigerian singer, Waje wrote a post on Instagram advising young people seeking success that the struggle is real and not as glamorous as they think.

According to the singer, young people think it’s all about wearing makeup, smiling, and taking photos, but it requires hard work. “What’s your worth? The value you bring? Successful people grind!” she had written.

Waje also said that in the last 3 months she has had 4 P.As who all complained the work was too stressful. She added that she’ll henceforth hire the services of a professional agency when next she intends to hire a domestic staff.

Apparently, her post was a shade to her last personal assistant, Yvonne Imongan who had just parted ways with her.
Yvonne however, took to Instagram to respond, saying she almost lost her life while working for Waje and yet Waje refused to pay her for the 1 month she worked, she added that P.As are people’s children not classified maids.

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