We are responsible to our fans, and owners, nobody else, Klopp tells Mourinho

Liverpool Manager Kloop has replied Mourinho that he and his team are only responsible to their fans and owners, and not to any one else.

The statement was a direct reply to Mourinho who said Liverpool should be under pressure to win the Premier League after spending a lot in the transfer market.

The Manchester United Manager said:

“Maybe this season, finally, you demand that they win,” Mourinho said during United’s pre-season tour of the United States.

“With the investments you are making last season and you make now, that will probably be the record of the Premier League this season, a team that was a finalist in the Champions League — you have to say you are a big candidate, you have to win,” added Mourinho.

Klopp when asked what he thought about the statement said:

“What can I say about that? Jose can say what he wants to say to be honest,” Klopp told reporters in Ann Arbor.

“I’m not too much interested in Manchester United. I’m pretty sure they will do business as well in the next few days, but we know about our responsibility.

“We feel responsible only for our fans, for our owners, for the supporters all over the world, nobody else. That’s the situation.

“We are ambitious, we never said anything different. We have to deliver – what that means exactly, I don’t know in this moment.

“But a big part of the job is to play football that our people like. That happened last year, probably the year before as well, and now we are in the situation where we want to make the next step.

“But the opponents don’t sleep. We know that. It means our life is not easier because we brought a few players in. We only feel a bit better prepared than last year. That’s all.”

Klopp’s side will take on Mourinho’s Manchester United in Michigan on Saturday

“It’s not often you get the opportunity to play in the second biggest stadium in the world. Especially when it’s America, I can imagine people like it. It’s an impressive building, it’s cool.

“It’s pre-season, but it’s United against Liverpool, so big game. People in America obviously were waiting for this game or at least 100,000 people were! We’re really looking forward to it.”

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