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ONE applauds AU for advancing fight against corruption, urges leaders to take meaningful action

JOHANNESBURG — Following the African Union’s declaration on corruption from the 31st summit in Mauritania, the ONE Campaign issued the below statement, applauding the continental body while urging African leaders to take concrete steps to implement the key reforms highlighted in the declaration that can advance the fight against corruption on the continent.

Edwin Ikhouria, Transparency and Accountability  Manager at ONE Campaign in Africa:

“ The African Union’s (AU) declaration on corruption is very timely and necessary  to deal with corruption on the continent. The AU’s focus on combating corruption comes at a critical juncture, as African citizens consistently place corruption among their top concerns. Corruption among government officials and bureaucracies has increased over the last decade according to the Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance.

“Leaders must now commit to the declaration at the national level by taking meaningful action to translate the key statements of openness in the budget, tax transparency, and citizens participation in governance to meaningful policy reforms.

“It is now up to leaders to act. Rhetorical promises to fight corruption will be insufficient to rebuild citizen trust in government and ensure that all Africans have equal opportunities to thrive. Opening the civic space and engagement with citizens to track the delivery of the actions from this declaration at the national level is imperative to achieve meaningful progress on the continent.”

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