Nigerians on Twitter ask twitter to block Yomi Shogunle for asking for 186 Million retweets to #EndSARS

Nigerians on Twitter have asked the social media platform to deactivate the account of the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Yomi Shogunle for mocking the #EndSARS campaign.

Shogunle has never hidden his disdain for the movement and has, infact, on numerous occasions insisted that most of the videos surfacing online about the Anti-robbery Squad unit were fake and without substance.

Nigerians, it seems, have had enough of him on Twitter after he tweeted that he was going to #EndSARS if Nigerians retweeted his tweet 186 million times.

He said: 186 million Retweets to #EndSARS. Lets go.

As at writing this, the tweet has 8245 retweets, and the account is still live.

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