Man dies of excessive vomiting after winning alcohol-drinking contest

A Kenyan man, Mufutu Nyongesa from Tande village has died after drinking excessive amounts of beer on an empty stomach, the  Standard Media Kenya reports.

The paper reports that Nyongesa was drinking with friends at a local bar when they decided to have a competition with the winner – the one that manages to drink the most in the shortest time,  getting more alcohol.

Nyongesa who gulped down two bottles of concentrated spirit started experiencing stomach problems not long after.

The deceased’s wife, Anne Naliaka, said he had left home to check on his motorcycle at the mechanic’s but never returned home.

She said: “He had asked me to cook ugali for supper but he didn’t show up. I felt bad, thinking he had decided to eat in a hotel. But later I received a phone call from someone saying he was vomiting and needed urgent medical attention,”

“His friends told me he drank two bottles of spirit that was not mixed with water or soda yet he had not eaten,” she said.

Nyongesa’s friends believed he may have died from drinking highly concentrated alcohol with any mixture on an empty stomach and within a short time.

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