“Separation has never been an option”- Tunde And Wunmi Obe Tell What Kept Them Together For 30 Years

Showbiz couple, Tunde and Wunmi Obe popularly called T.W.O, will in August, celebrate 20 years of blissful marriage, 30 years in music and also Tunde’s 50th birthday.

According to the couple, they have been able to stay together as a couple for 20 years and also a musical duo for 30 years because they connect on the same level, and they realised that they have more common interest other than music.
In his words: “The friendship happened naturally and this was due to the talent we shared. If we have been together for thirty years, which means that I was 20 when we met, that means I have known her almost half of my life. So, for me being with her is beyond reason; there is a genuine friendship and I think that is what it is. Our marriage is based on friendship first before any infatuation or love. Love is important but friendship and the respect we have for each other is what has kept us together for these years”.

” Except somebody else can come up with a better group, I think T.W.O is the oldest group in Nigeria. I don’t think there is any other group that has stayed long together like we have stayed. For instance, people would say it is because we are married, that is why the group is still intact. But since twins can break up, I don’t think that’s an excuse. Anything musical that concerns two people, whether you are married, siblings or best friends, it is the coming together of totally different ideologies and ideas. The way we deal with it is that we respect each other’s talent and space. If we put together a beat and we have made up our minds on the direction to go, we’ll agree on the topic. Once we agree on that, it means don’t touch my side, I won’t touch your side. When we meet in the studio, you do your thing and I do my thing. It is a healthy rivalry and healthy competition. We are both striving for excellence, so we find out a lot of time that if I write something that she doesn’t agree with, she will tell me, and the same for me too because it is all the same product. Then we will start tweaking until we come out with something good.”

“For the thirty years of T.W.O, I want to assure you that Wunmi and I have never put separation or divorce on the table. It is not something we will ever discuss. Although, we have our differences, we have never invited a second party to settle anything between us. We sit down and talk until we find solutions to our problems. The love, respect and friendship that we share will always conquer any disagreement that comes up.”

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