Voters in Miami to decide David Beckham’s stadium plan

In November, Miami voters will decide the fate of David Beckham’s plan for a Major League Soccer stadium development in the city, after a vote by city commissioners on Wednesday.

The Miami City Commission voted 3-2 to place a referendum on the November 6 ballot that to decide whether the MLS franchise should be allowed to build on city-owned land currently occupied by a municipal golf course.

The vote also decide whether to allow the city change its laws and authorize the business to negotiate a 99 years lease with the state.

The proposal by ex-England star and his business partners includes a 25,000-seat stadium for an expansion MLS club, along with 23 acres of youth football pitches with artificial turf, a 750-room hotel, restaurant, retail and office space plus a 58-acre public park.

The commission delayed a vote last week a series of comments by city dwellers,t both for and against the plan.

The site is the latest being proposed by Backham in his bid to own an MLS Franchise. He had earlier proposed a stadium in downtown miami for the same project. The plan drew criticism from many quarters over lack of adequate parking space and potential increased traffic in the neighbourhood.

Beckham and his business partners have now promised that no city funding will be used for toxic soil cleanup. The clean up is estimated at $35 million.

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