China’s most expensive movie pulled from theatres after opening weekend

The most expensive movie in Chinese history, Asura, made with a $113-million budget, has been pulled from theatres only after its first weekend. The movie made a paltry $7.3 million.

The movie – an Alibaba pictures, filled with special effects was intended to be a trilogy of a movie inspired by Tibetan Buddhist mythology, failed to come close to its intended gross in the weekend.

The film’s official social media account posted the news that the movie would be pulled from theatres that weekend.

“We express our apologies to all those who wanted to but won’t have the chance to see it,” it said.

Most of China’s biggest blockbusters to date have been made with half the budget lavished on “Asura”.

The movie’s loss of  $106 million makes “Asura” the fifth-biggest flop in movie history worldwide.

State media had touted the movie before it was released, with the China Daily hailing “Asura” as “the most hotly anticipated blockbuster of China’s competitive summer season.”

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