World Cup Win! Photos of France President Celebration Gestures Goes Viral.

Photos and videos of Emmanuel Macron, French President from the FIFA World Cup Final have created a huge buzz online.

The French President was seen alongside counterpart, Croatian president enjoying the game. In celebrating the victory of his country, Macron was seen fist pumping after their victory.

The FIFA World Cup 2018 ended on Sunday with France taking the cup home after 20 years, leaving Croatia in second place. The match had many intense moments and just like fans around the globe, the politicians present on the stands couldn’t keep calm.

One of such photo is the French President Emmanuel Macron, who put aside all protocol or formality and jumped up from his seat celebrating by thrusting his hands in the air. The photo was shared by many on social media dubbing it “Macron’s reaction sums up everything”.

Soon the photo went viral and was soon turned into a meme, particularly, desi meme-makers found it rather interesting.

Player Paul Pogba also shared a video on his Instagram stories of Macron dabbing with the World Cup champs in their dressing room. The video showed a lighter side of the leader and soon was going round on social media. People couldn’t stop gushing about the Presidents gestures.

Macron was also photographed consoling Luka Modric’s kids in the locker room and this also won hearts too.

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