None of OJB’s friends in the industry keep in touch – OJB’s wife

OJB’s third wife, Korede, has told the beats that none of her late husband’s friends in the industry keep in touch with the late singer and Producer’s family.

Asked why nothing was done for the two year’s remembrance for the singer, she said: “We didn’t do anything this year for his remembrance but we did last year. I sold my car last year to give him a befitting one-year anniversary. I did that to keep his legacy and it is not supposed to be a monetary event. But I cannot do everything by myself and all his royalties have not been paid as most of those who are meant to pay his royalties have refused to pay. We are just managing and you cannot expect me to use the money to feed my children to hold an event. Apart from Mr. Dele Momodu and DJ Stramborella, none of OJB’s friends in the industry checks on us anymore. The industry needs to show some support. Jigga is not just our husband; he was everybody’s friend before his illness and death. If the industry could come up with a plan to celebrate him yearly, the family will key into it. The truth is I cannot do everything by myself.”

On the issue of family members fighting over OJB’s property in Surulere, Korede said: “The property in Surulere, Lagos, is still an issue because OJB’s family members want to take it from the wives and children. The first wife lives and has a shop there. I don’t really know much about OJB’s property and I am not after that. I don’t even pay attention to what is happening to the property.

“We are married to Jigga (OJB) and since Jigga is gone, everyone has to move on in their own ways. We don’t talk as much as we should and I don’t think it is a problem since what brings us together is not there any longer.”

OJB died in 2016 after a protracted battle with Kidney ailment.


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