Femi Kuti reveals what he discusssed with President Macron

Afro-beater singer, Femi Kuti has revealed what he discussed with French President Emmanuel Macron at the African Shrine on Tuesday night.

On his Instagram page, the son of late Afrobeat originator, Fela Anikulapo, shared some photos from the night with the caption: “The discussions I had with President Macron were short but straight to the point about the migrant crises and how to solve them. Most importantly the importance of the future of the youths, which we both agreed on. And his love for the Shrine.  #onepeopleoneworld#Ararararara”

After some people in the comments questioned the motive of the move by the President and if Femi told him the roads were only repaired before his arrival, the singer said:

“You think he doesn’t know our problems? Now you think I don’t know our history and the atrocities France/Europe/USA have committed on our continent? You think he doesn’t have good reason to choose the Shrine over other places to go?

“He said he came when he was 23 years old and he used to work in Abuja; he’d come to Lagos to watch me perform, he loved it, he was inspired, he ran for presidency, he won, had the opportunity to come back. He was glad he met same energy. He said so! You think it’s stupid to welcome him? I could go on and on with questions for you. Please think. Finally, you think he doesn’t know my views on world affairs? Please think.”

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