Nigerian singer, Simi has been bombarded with questions on whether or not she is pregnant after she posted a photo. This isn’t the first time Simi will be faced with such questions.

Fans recently reacted when Simi posted a photo of herself in dress bulged out a little in front online. Many believe she is pregnant because of the way her stomach bulged.

Simi has often been in the heat of serious backlash over her style of dressing over the years. Some of her fans think that she does not understand the rules of fashion and class whenever she chose her dresses and some have actually advised her to employ a stylist or if she has one already, employ a new person.

Her followers online are now very divided on the matter. While some are very sure that she is pregnant, others feel she is not.

Meanwhile some other persons have insinuated that she is pregnant for Adekunle Gold, following the intimacy they both share.

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