Popular stripper turned rapper, Cardi B has lamented that she is not enjoying having sex while pregnant as she keeps running out of breath.

Cardi B who has been struggling to get intimate while pregnant says she’s finding it way too hard to do so in the last stage of pregnancy.

The star is due to give birth any day now, and is struggling to get intimate with her baby daddy Offset.

Cardi B tweeted, probably looking for answers from fellow mums. She wrote: ‘I wanna have sex but i loose my breath Soo fast’.

Her fans were quick to respond and show some moral support suggesting ways she could get around the dilemma. However, the star claims her bump is just ‘too big’ to enjoy anything right now. One of her followers told her: ‘But pregnant sex is the best sex,’ to which she replied: ‘Not at this last stage ..Baby too big (sic)’

This isn’t the first time Cardi’s mentioned her lack of breath throughout her pregnancy, as she revealed she couldn’t breathe during her Coachella performance. While on stage the star joked: ‘I’m running out of breath. You know my pregnant ass. I need some friends to help me out.’ She also cancelled the remainder of her tour, as her baby was getting ‘too big’ for her to perform.

Cardi B has also just celebrated making history as the first woman rapper to land two Hot 100 No. 1s. The soon-to-be-mum announced the news in a video to her fans.

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