Doctor in Chrisland rape trial testifies that School Girl was raped

A medical expert for the prosecution has told the Ikeja Domestic Violence and Sexual Offences Court that her findings shows that the two year-old girl of Chrisland School was raped, the News Agency has reported.

This happened at the resumption of trial against Mr. Adegboyega who was accused of allegedly raping the Child.

The witness, Mrs. Oluwatoyin Olayioye, who has been practising for eight years, and holds a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelors of Surgery and a Masters degree of Public health is also a trained Forensic Examiner, said:

“I was consulting for the Mirabel Centre when the case was referred to my team from the Ikeja Police Command on Nov. 24, 2016.

“My team was made up of myself, Dr. Oyedeji Alagbe and Dr. Olujimi Sodipo. The Mirabel Centre had seen over 2,000 clients and I cannot quote verbatim the number of cases involving minors between ages one to five that I have overseen.

“My Lord, when the child was seen at Mirabel Centre, she said the perpetrator put his wee-wee in her mouth, she said he put his wee-wee in her vagina and that the perpetrator put his mouth on her wee-wee.

“On general examination, we found the female child calm, intelligent, not pale, she was not hot to touch or in any distress and at the time of the examination, she was well hydrated.

“On examination of the child from head to toe, there were no fresh findings relating to the case but in my systematic examination, there were significant findings.”

When questioned by Babajide Boye, the Chief State Counsel, Ms. Olayioye said her findings included whitish patches in the urethra openings, notches in the hymen, redness on the vulva and pain while touching. It was on the basis of these evidence she concluded the two-year old was raped.

“After exposing the client to the physical examination, the genital area was not in a steady state, along the urethra opening, there were whitish patches which are scaly skin that ought not to be there.

“It could be due to an assault in the vaginal area My Lord, the notches are healed lacerations (wounds), and the notches in this client may be due to blunt penetration injury.

“My Lord, when we talk about blunt penetration, it has a pattern in which it descends, the pattern is different from injuries from sharp objects, chemicals or burns.

“Due to the pattern of the notches, we arrived that it should be as a result of blunt penetrative injury which could be due to penile injury, finger or any other blunt object.

“My Lord in the normal state of the vagina, redness is not supposed to be there except in cases of assault,”

“I made the conclusion based on the child’s declaration, the mother’s declaration, which were consistent with my clinical findings that it could be due to penile penetration.

“Our findings revealed blunt penetration injuries which could be as a result of penile penetration, finger penetration or blunt force injury.”

In its cross-examination, the Defence asked Mrs. Oluwatoyin about her professional credentials in a bid to discredit her witness and findings.

The prosecution said the defendant, Mr. Adenekan, committed the offence sometime in November 2016 at Chrisland School, Victoria Garden City (VGC), Lagos.

The offence violated Section 137 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State 2011, which recommends a life sentence for anyone, convicted of defiling a child.

The case has been adjourned to July 4 for cross-examination of the witness.

The defendant has pleaded not guilty.


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