Police Announces Death Toll in Jos Attacks more than earlier reported

The Nigerian Police, through its Spokeperson in Plateau State, Matthias Tyopev, have raised the number of Casulties in the fatal attacks on 11 Communities in Jos from 11 to 86.

After the attacks took place, the spokesperson had said the death toll was 11.  According to their report, the 11 corpses were the bodies of Dalyop Vanode, Dom Danladi, Bururu Wade, Joju Rala,Titus Danladi, Bitrus Malat, Alu Matir, Noron Monday, Cecilia Yohana, Dam Bulus and Ladi Danladi.

The Police have now changed the figure, after accepting that the death toll was much bigger than reported.

Mr. Matthias said, “Sequel to the attack in the Gashish District of Barkin Ladi LGA yesterday (Saturday) June 23, 2018, the Commissioner of Police, Plateau State Command, Jos, Undie Adie, after deploying more personnel in the district sent a search and rescue team from the Command headquarters today (Sunday) for an on-the-spot assessment.”

He said the figure they gave initially was based on the information they received at the time, which have since been updated: “The team also carried out a detailed deployment. Corpses were released to the families for burial. The command earlier in the day confirmed only 11 people dead as the result of the attacks due to the information at its disposal before the arrival of the search and rescue team from the Barkin Ladi LGA. This is to update members of the public of the situation as regards the attacks in the Gashish District as promised earlier on.”

Meanwhile, a member of the Plateau state house of assembly representing Barkin Local Government, Peter Gyendeng in an interview with PUNCH believes the casualties rate is in hundreds.

He said:  “As a matter of fact, the casualty rate is in hundreds; it is more than 100. In one place, it is above 51, in another, over 32 and yet in another area, it is same. For now, based on what we have on the ground and the corpses that we have been receiving, it is probably over 200 casualties.

“Altogether, about 11 villages were attacked and our people are there now trying to ascertain the number of deaths. The casualty rate is above 200 and counting (of the corpses) is still going on.

“This is war; it is a declaration of war on my people. War has been declared on the Barkin Ladi LGA completely. There are mercenaries that have been hired to come and kill people in the Barkin Ladi LGA. The killing started around 11pm last (Saturday) night till this (Sunday) morning. And the killing still continues.”


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