Musa Issa Goal, Nigeria Issa Goal

Where were you when the goal went in?

The first Nigerian goal of the tournament. And what a goal it was. The first touch. The awareness, and the execution. A goal, had it been scored by either Messi or Ronaldo, would have instantly become the poster goal for future world cup games.

A sigh of relieve.

Before the goal went in, I was in tatters, mentally. And so were many Nigerians. The team needed to conjure something, and make us, and themselves believe again. The game was a slugfest for most of the time, aided no doubt by the opponents who wanted to play to their strength, which coincidentally, was also Nigeria’s weakness.


Yes! We did it. Musa did it. The Fashion bloggers are the new winners in town. And I couldn’t be happier. We couldn’t have asked for more

Oh, there is more?

Musa did it again, this time, showing the kind of patience only hindsight gives you.

Issa goal.

I knew the Olamide song would come in handy. Can’t dance Shaku Shaku to save my life, but I tried. And so did my neighbour and everyone around. We are Nigeria. We are the Super Eagles. Who would have thought Fashionistas could ball like this.

Musa issa goal.

Nigeria Issa goal.

I guess we have our answers:

Will the Eagles Soar

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