Popular Nigerian actress, model and T.V presenter, Lilian Afegbai popularly known as Lily Afe as criticized how Nigerians fail to support their own. According to her, Nigerians find it hard to support their own but go about worshipping foreign celebrities.

Lilian was an housemate in the Big brother Africa 2014 show. Here is what she had to say.
“You know, it’s so disturbing and disappointing the way Nigerians hate to support their own but go crazy worshipping International acts. Commenting like,
“Omg if you reply me, I will die”
begging for follow backs from them, literally building houses on all their post like they pay them or something.
Subscribing to watch Love and Hip Hop blah blah…
When they go nude ?? you will go there and comment “woman crush till infinity” ??????????
But when it’s a Nigerian trying to live his or her life and do things differently, build different brands…. Some of you will shake your lives on the table with criticism and hate.
God is watching! That’s all I will say!
People are out here trying and going through a lot to keep you entertained and get to the bag at the same time but instead of us to support or give constructive criticisms, we try to tear them down with hate. Why?
And tomorrow we will ask why someone committed suicide? or why someone is depressed?
Do you know how hard it is to make a reality show? Talk more of how much it is to make it!?
We are not even saying don’t criticize but do it with the las bit of dignity left in you!

Even East Africa support their own more than we do ?? ?? We need to support our people more. Be mor open to things that seem new or things that have never been done, it only gets better!! Let us be better Human Beings!
Tell me if I’m wrong to think this way ?
Are we ready for change or what????”

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