A Nigerian political party, Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP) on Thursday, June 14, said that, if elected into power it would construct perimeter fence around Nigeria and change the name of the country and the currency. The acting national chairman of the party, Olusegun Ijagbemi, revealed at a news conference in Abuja, The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.

Ijagbemi said that the need to change the name of the country and its currency was divinely revealed to the leadership of the party, adding the changes were important if Nigeria must make progress.

The 14th pillar of the party is to change the name of Nigeria to Pisonia and its currency from Naira to Pison. “It is a miracle that the leadership of this party got a wind of how the entire African nation is being impoverished with their currency. “There are people outside Nigeria printing our currency and they have agents among us, including our political leaders. “They are printing money and they have agents in CBN and throughout Africa. We brought this information to Nigeria that they are destroying our economy,’’ he said. The chairman added that about six months ago, the CBN revealed to the National Assembly that more than 20% of Nigeria’s currency was fake.

Ijagbemi said that promoting citizens’ welfare and security of lives and property would be one of the major concerns of the party, if elected. He said that the party would use technology to monitor the country’s borders and that security forces would be highly motivated. “This party is going to fence Nigeria and create only regulated route for people to come in and go out of the country. “You can no longer move boys or girls across the border with trailer and then say you have captured or recovered them. “There will be no need for people sleeping with their hearts panting. You cannot just come into the country, invade it and steal our oil.’’ Ijagbemi stated that JMPP government would strengthen the immigration laws, and that border control would be exercised maximally.

ljagbemi said that unemployment will be tackled by equipping Technical Colleges and Polytechnics to provide high-level manpower to form the backbone of technological and industrial development. “The party will also encourage the formation of new industries in line with modern technological trends using the products of the revamped technical schools and polytechnics.

He added that JMPP government would ensure that international agreements negotiated and entered into by the Federal Government are in the interests of Nigerians.

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