Russia has denied Nigeria’s football fans the opportunity to bring live chickens into the stadium when the Super Eagles are playing.

The minister of Culture and Tourism of the Kaliningrad region, Andrei Ermak said:

“Our information center MCH-2018 receives a lot of various questions: fans from Nigeria asked if it’s possible to go to the stadium with a chicken, it’s their symbol, the citizens are sick with them at all matches, we told them that to pass a live chicken, in any case, it is impossible “.

At the same time, he noted that if Nigerians are rooting for their team in other places, they will advise them where the chicken can be bought.

The regional minister added that they are ready to satisfy the most eccentric inquiries. The supporters club of the Super Eagles have been known to go into stadiums with a live chicken, which is one of the ways they cheer on the team to victory. The same thing happened in South Africa in 2010 , where Nigeria fans were turned away from Ellis Park in Johannesburg, after trying to go in with chickens painted in the Nigerian colour.

Meanwhile, the minister said that Kaliningrad expects the arrival of 130 to 150 thousand fans.

At each match, Russians will be up to 15 thousand people, another 10 thousand seats will be proportionally taken by fans from countries whose teams will play at the World Cup, and the remaining 10 thousand will have to be citizens of other countries.

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