Popular Nairabet founder, Akin Oloye Alabi has recently shared his experience with failure and his opinion about failing in busineses.

He wrote on twitter that, failure is a normal thing in business and he has failed in so many businesses before nairabet came through .

Here is what he wrote:
I’ve launched many businesses that failed. I published a sports paper, it failed. Published a business paper, it failed. Had a printing press, failure. Had a travel company, it failed. And more. No one talks about them. They talk about @NairaBET. The one that succeeded. #thread

If you launch 100 business in your lifetime, 80 of them will fail. About 10 to 15 will drag along. About 5 will succeed. No one will care about the ones that failed. They will talk about the succcesful ones and say you have the Midas touch. Whatever you touch turns into.
Failure is normal in business. I don’t care what your pastor or motivational speaker is telling you. It’s normal to fail. It’s okay to fail. Just keep learning from your mistakes until you get it right.

I know I will still fail again. That’s for sure. Funny thing is I get excited when I fail. I would have learnt a valuable lesson in the process. FAIL FAST is one of my favourite saying.

I repeat. You will fail 8 to 9 times out of ten. The beautiful thing is that when one succeeds, JUST ONE, it will wipe away the losses you suffered from the failures. The financial losses. The emotional losses. Everything. They come back in multiple folds. Baba restoration aye”

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