Following the alleged link, senate president Bukola Saraki has with the Offa bank robbery, a group has called for his resignation as Senate president.

The group named Civil society of Nigeria, made the call on Saraki due to his alleged link with the arrested Offa bank robbers.

They said that the Senate president should resign and clear his name from the indictment . The group under the aegis of Coalition of Civil Society for Good Governance and Democracy, said that the Senate president should also face the music for the non-declaration of his assets and alleged killings of over 33 people in Kwara state by his political thugs.

The Nation reports, that the convener of the group, Alhaji Adamu Kabiru, who addressed journalists in Abuja on Friday, June 8, tasked members of the 8th Senate to impeach Saraki if he fails to resign from office.

He said: “For Dr Saraki to threaten President Buhari with impeachment only because the police rightly invited him is the height of arrogance, and abuse of office and disrespect for the rule of law. “It is therefore, our considered view that the president of the Senate be impeached immediately and until this done, he will continue to hold to ransom the entire country and her development. “We are gathered here to affirm that for good governance and democracy to thrive, Saraki must excuse the Senate as their president and face his multiple criminal cases ranging from, financial crimes, to abuse of office, robbery, non-declaration of assets and sponsorship of militia in Kwara state. “I am constrained to bring to your notice that the police have invited the Senate President to offer clarifications on the level of his involvement with the Offa robbery and allegations of arms purchase to militia. “To this end, how then will Dr Saraki continue to stay in office as president of the Senate? It has never been this bad for our country.”

However, two of the arrowheads of the robbery, Michael Adikwu and Kayode Opadokun have been declared missing after they were paraded.

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