Popular HipTv founder, Ayo Animashaun has gone on Instagram to celebrate and advise his son, who has just graduated from high school.

Apart from being an entertainment entrepreneur, Ayo Animashaun is also the CEO of Smooth Promotions, an entertainment firm that organizes The Headies award and publishes the weekly Hip Hop World Magazine. He took to Instagram to encourage his son to be the best he cab be. Read what he wrote below:

“Dear Son,
I celebrate you as you graduate today.
Although it’s just from high school but it’s the most important one because you are still within your teenage years, the most important formative period for kids.
Go into the world and conquer.
It didn’t take long for you to start doing your thing and making your parents proud. Remember we are always as good as our last performance, so continue to build on it.

As you graduate, know that it’s a new day that comes with its own ups and downs, learn to face the battle ahead with persistence, focus, calmness and firmness. Be ready to deal with disappointments and be determined to rise above them all the time.
Betrayal and deceit are inevitable, don’t be blue or glum, it’s all part of growth and learning, people will tell you what they don’t mean, you will be hurt especially by those you love the most, yes, it hurts. You must forgive for your own sake, don’t harbor hate, take your time to ease out of it, time heals wound, don’t take the pain out on others.
Remember that life is not a bed of roses, its not always easy to get to the top and even more difficult to stay there. You must learn to stay consistent with hard work and perseverance, it’s always worth it. Your attitude will ultimately determine your altitude. Develop a moving-train state-of-mind and a winning mentality.You’re the number one architect of your own life. Carve your own niche and create your own path, be your own man and build your own castle. Feel free to make mistakes and learn from them. Never live in your parent’s shadows. Some parents help their children get rich but it’s always down to the kids to stay rich. Be the game changer. Enjoy yourself, don’t bother to understand life, live it. The best view comes from the hardest climb
Respect fellow man, Fear God,
Always remember that smile is the biggest (open) secret and prayer is the biggest weapon.
I love you best friend

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