Popular legendary musician, who died in 2012, Whitney Houston left her Bible behind at her former rented house and now it is being sold for $95,000.

Whitney Houston’s former landlord is trying to make money by selling the late singer’s bible.

According to TMZ, Whitney Houston left the Bible behind when she moved out of her luxury Newport Beach rental in 2011, now the former property owner is putting the item in the market for $95,000!
Houston’s former landlord reportedly signed an NDA and contacted Houston’s agent about the left-behind items and was told he could keep them.

Although $95,000 seems too costly, the former home owner believes it is worth it since the bible has Whitney’s handwriting all over it. The Bible which is being sold through Moments in Time, is also filled with pages documenting life events.

The owner, who sold Whitney’s home in 2012, said he threw out all the other stuff Houston left behind. He kept the bible because he thought it was “interesting.” And a good investment, if he finds a buyer.

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