Diamond Platnumz seeks to reconcile with Zari Hassan again

Earlier, Tanzanian music star, Diamond Platnumz who broke up with his wife Zari Hassan declAres that he was never going back to her, having pleaded with her continuously to no avail.

However in recent happenings, it seems Zari is planning to give him a third chance and reconcile.
It is just months after Zari Hassan dumped him on Valentine’s day over his constant infidelity, and they seem to be getting back together.
Last year, Hamisa Mobetto, Diamond’s sidechick came into view. He later had a child with her and Hamisa who claimed to be his side chick for 9 years , released intimate photos of them.

Zari forgave Diamond and they moved past it. However, after rumours of him being unfaithful again reached Zari, she called the marriage off .

Diamond Platnumz shockingly appeared to move on with his side chick turned babymama,Hamisa back then .

The former video queen bragged online claiming to have finally settled down with Diamond.

In a series of Instagram status updates, Hamisa flaunted photos of her with Diamond spending quality times together to prove indeed they were together.

However last week, Diamond dropped the video to his smash wedding track, Iyena and the video which ganered over 1million views in a day features Zari as his bride.The video was shot before their split.

As the video dropped, it triggered emotional reactions.Diamond sent his manager to South Africa to beg Zari.His mum also flew to S.A and his sister slammed his side chick, Hamisa .
Diamond’s mother and sisters used the released video as an opportunity to shower Zari with praises, even declaring her the better choice for a wife.

Feeling left out and hurt by the video and the positive reactions from his family,Hamisa ranted on Diamond’s page,claiming his family needs a maid not a wife and claimed they don’t like her.She also told him to man up.

Diamond thereafter flew over to South Africa where he appears to have reconciled with Zari .

She took to Snapchat to share photos of perfumes he got her .
At the moment, it is still not certain if they are officially back as a couple.

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