LEO, The Chat Banker


In a world where the need for automation is key, programmers are seeking to make most processes virtual. By creating computer robots, commonly known as bots, we can now capture the motion of man, as a way to not just make life easier but also keep the human mind engaged.

Bots simply put, are software programs that automate human tasks. A Chatbot as its name aptly implies is a type of ‘bot’ that ‘chats’. They are designed primarily to converse using either texts or audio. Chatbots are made to simulate the natural human means of communication. A typical example of a chat box is Leo, UBA’s chat banking Application that uses artificial intelligence.


Are you thinking chatbots is a new technology? This would be wrong, because the existence of chatbots dates as far back as the 1960’s in the United States with the creation of the computer program called ELIZA.

Over the years, chatbots have continually been incorporated into different applications with the excitement of communicating with a computer never getting old.  More people find this an interesting and effective means of interaction, making chatbots an efficient means for businesses to communicate with their customers.


Chatbots can be accessed through websites and applications. Other means to access chatbots are through virtual assistants and messaging applications like the Facebook messenger.




Not so long ago, I used to see the word, Leo and think first of the seventh zodiac sign. Now, I see the word and the first thing that comes to mind is United Bank for Africa’s chat banker. In January 2018, UBA created a beautiful chat bot Leo. Leo has since become somewhat of a phenom, with even Mark Zuckerberg having referenced him at the biggest tech fest of the year in San Francisco last month.

By unveiling Leo, UBA stepped-up the world of banking in Africa many degrees higher. Being the first financial institution to come up with a virtual banker, their customers now have a friendlier way to establish communication with the tagline “when your banking needs become as simple and easy as chatting”. Banking with UBA has become so much simpler and friendlier.

Leo is currently accessible via the social media platform, Facebook Messenger and can help you perform numerous activities like; open an account, send money, buy airtime, check your account balance, stop cheques, get your mini statement, and so much more. Leo can even tell you the weather! All you need do to meet Leo is, search for ‘UBA Chat Banking’, when you login to Facebook.


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