Hustle City Diaries – An Advocacy Video Project for Youth Enterprise Support


blockquote>Hustle City Diaries is focused on people, places and opportunities, the project was designed with the core objective of showcasing the Nigerian economic opportunities and the untapped youth resource as drivers of the economy, with the right investment and enterprise support.

Every Success story started with a HUSTLE… The Hustle City Diaries is an exciting and insightful story series on the next big brands from the street to the corporate world, the tech gurus to the creative and more.

Being a young Nigerian entrepreneur and knowing first hand these realities, the Hustle City Diaries is a creative~advocacy movement conceived with the passion to showcase the capacity of enterprising, creative and skilled Nigerian youths who through the hustle and bustle have chosen to rise above the challenges to economically empower themselves as well as others and add economic value through their hustle or business.

The Hustle City Diairies also comprises of business insights and lifestyle segment, showcasing the startup culture of Nigerian youths, as well as in depth insights into the Nigerian industry opportunities.

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