Zee World Weekly Highlights 14th – 20th May

My Lost Home

Cherry tries her best to get in Khurana family’s good books. Jeet loses his memory after a traumatic experience and Durga uses this opportunity to her favour. Angad advises Shabd to tell Mahi about Sapna, but Shabd remains unsure of what to do.Durga is repentant for her behaviour with Soni. The family cherish their time together at Mahi’s surprise party, however, things soon turn sour. Mahi finds out the truth about Shabd and Sapna. Cherry is growing suspicious of Jeet, could he be regaining his memory back? Gauri tries to warn Mahi against Angat but he takes drastic a measure to keep her quiet. Sapna tries to create misunderstandings between Mahi and Shabd.The police find Gaury’s body. The Khurana family finally meet Bella, they are immediately lost for words as she resembles Soni.

Fire and Ice

Twinkle gets interrogated at the police station meanwhile Kunj tries everything in his power to get her released. Twinkle is convinced that Mahi is still alive and asks Kunj to look for her. Yuvraj goes to see Twinkle in jail and leaves a little gift for her. Anita gets Raminder to ask Twinkle to leave the memorial service. Twinkle and Kunj go to Mumbai for a few days, with no idea that they are about to get one of the biggest shocks. Yuvraj is determined to find out whether Devika Khanna is actually Mahi. Twinkle and Kunj convince Devika to find a groom for her and to plan the wedding. Kunj and Twinkle plan to trap Yuvraj into confessing his crime, will they succeed ? Yuvraj finds Devika’s real identity and takes matters into his own hands. Twinkle finds out heart breaking news about Kunj’s health and tries to find a cure for him.

Sacred Ties

Manav stands up for Manjusha when she is accused of theft. Rasika tells Bhavna about Varsha’s past mistake of having an affair with Ashwin. Manohar gets robbed after withdrawing a large amount of money from the bank. Manav reassures Archana that they will always be together no matter what. The family learns about Ashwin’s presence at Varsha’s wedding and this causes them to become restless. What will happen next? Ashwin assures Varsha that he still wants to be with her even after what happened between them in the past. Ashwin tells Manav that he isn’t going to give up on Varsha and he will do what needs to be done to get her.Ashwin gives Varsha a gift, but she’s in shock after seeing what it is. Rasika tries her utmost best to expose Ashwin and Varsha’s previous relationship.

King of Hearts 2

Zee World brings back the sizzling series King of Hearts. In the new King of Hearts, the undying love between Sid and Roshni lives on, as their son, Karan,. Karan falls for Payal’s step-daughter Mahi and the old enmity threaten to ruin Karan and Mahi’s dreams of having a happy future. Payal’s evil schemes have not ended, instead, she has her hands in more pies than before. Karan’s grandfather returns, to make everything right, as Karan has been brought up in the wrong family after his parents’ death.
The flag raising ceremony is being celebrated countrywide, with Mahi and her family performing their own and Satya and his family performing theirs. Although all is set to go smoothly, trouble seems to be following both families. Satya lands a job as a valet driver and meets Mahi in a unique way. Satya realises he must use every lie in the book to keep up with Koyal but Mahi is not as easily fooled and she begins to suspect him. Things get amusing at the restaurant when Mahi puts pressure on Satya to try and expose him. It’s also Satya’s birthday and Mahi comes up with a plan to find out where he really lives. But will the truth lead Mahi into a lot of trouble? Koyal is furious with Mahi for trying to get in the way of her and Satya, so she finds a way to get Mahi out of the picture. Satya is asked to retrieve his moms necklace from a fraud of a businessman. But things get very complicated when the necklace ends up in Mahi’s purse. This leads to a very interesting evening of cat and mouse at Koyals masquerade ball.

The Promise

Bani promises to manifest her hatred for Jai, for the Park Road incident. Jai finds out about Bani’s pregnancy and is extremely happy about having a baby. But Bani does not want anything to do with Jai. Bani leaves the Walia house without telling anyone of her whereabouts. Jai receives a call from a stranger claiming Bani is with him, and calls Jai over to his house. Jai has been shot and is in hospital and Jigyasa blames Bani for the shooting. The doctor shocks Jai’s family with the news of his condition. Bani decides to go back to Mount Abu. Jai feels there’s a missing puzzle in his life and tells Bani about it. Ranveer reveals some news at Anu’s wedding function about the sale of Bani and her sisters’ property in Mount Abu. Bani goes for a job interview but to her surprise she is asked to spill information about Jai’s business. Ranveer and Jigyasa are concerned about Jai’s soft spot for the sisters. Jigyasa reveals Piya’s truth to Pushkar. Piya doesn’t come home at night and claims to have been in an accident when she returns the next day. The hospital calls with a different story. Bani files for divorce.

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