Didn’t get to attend any of the “33” Export friendship experience parties? Here are 5 things you missed.

Yes we know, the title might be heartbreaking BUT the truth is you were not there and you missed out on a lot of fun, so hide your face (in small doctor’s voice).

Before we completely shatter your heart down this post, let’s give you a little background…

Special Moments With Friends

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The friendship party created an atmosphere for friends to unwind, relax and have fun, thus creating special moments amongst them away from the daily hustle and bustle. After enjoying chilled bottles of 33 Export with friends they were able to look forward to work the next day with smiles on their faces.

Rib Cracking Jokes

It was indeed a night to remember as comedians MC Shakara, MC Bash and Laffing Gas made sure consumers had the time of their lives as they continuously had them roaring with laughter to witty and hilarious jokes.

Engaging Games And Dance Competitions

Which other way will you connect, bond and unwind with your friends if not with fun and exciting games? True to its nature, the No1 friendship beer in Nigeria came through for consumers present at these events with amazing giant sized games like connect 4, the famous jenga game, beer pong and many more.

Exciting Prizes

Winner emerging from different competitions played , got to win amazing prizes like generators, refrigerators, rechargeable fans among other household items.

Good music:

Asides from the amazing finger foods and drinks, the music was on point. DJ Kentalky and DJ Real delivered on different levels with endless mixes making sure consumers were on their feet all through the evening.

Making New Friends:

Looking for ways to make new friends? Then the “33” friendship party was the place to be. From playing games and enjoying chilled bottles of “33” Export together, friendship bonds were being created. Join us at the next friendship party happening this weekend, watch this space for details.

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