Big brother Africa host and media personality IK Osakioduwa, has shared his near-death experience story.

He recently escaped what would have been a terrible accident and is thanking God for saving his life.
The media personality took to his Twitter page where he shared the story of how he almost got into a terrible accident. In his tweet, he explained how he maneuvered a truck that was about to run into him at the stop light.

“God just saved me from what would have been a terrible accident. While waiting at a stop light I noticed a speeding truck that didn’t seem to be slowing down. Even though the light was red I maneuvered to the front of the car on my right. I got out of the way in time.

“Unfortunately, the truck still crashed into the car that was on my left, sending it right across the intersection. It also hit a car that was coming from the opposite side. Thank God for his mercy and protection. I believe everyone walked away with their lives,” he tweeted.

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