So I stumbled upon a recent social media post by a very close friend, talking about how – only a hand full of Nigerian banks are delving fast into the lifestyle market. What really struck me was the cover story attached to this post.

I am so happy that my dear friend Dare Bond Aiyegbusi @godofcontent has assumed a family role with UBA as MD of its in-house Agency. I have seen him rise from zero to one hundred in a flash that still beats my imagination.

I had to post this when I heard @Tonyelumelu make jokes about Bonds hair at his birthday celebration a few days ago.

Yes a few of you might know a lot about him but I will tell you things you probably don’t know.

  1. Dare Bond has never lost a business pitch and he constantly says ‘I can never lose a business pitch…I prepare with the end in mind, I win’

  2. Asides being a marketing executive, Dare Bond is a Spoken word Artist. He very humble in character so hardly broadcasts his Art. He would say ‘Art is a gift from the creator….and should be used to spread positive energy’….yes he talks crazy like that’

  3. Dare Bond is a martial Artist. He is trained in Shotakan Karate and has quite a fighting spirit. This speaks to his reality. He is a problem solver.

  4. Dare Bond never gives up. He gets stronger with fail. This freaks me out…but I guess thats why he grows so fast.

  5. Dare Bond has a very proud outlook but when engaged, happens to be the most loving person ever. Anyone who can doubt this, You have not interacted with him before.

  6. Dare Bond has worked with Many Nigerian billionaires and private sector owners in varying capacities. When I saw photos and productions of him with Femi Otedola, Jim Ovia, Herbert Wigwe, Olusegun Obasanjo, the Dangote family and the likes of the ‘A’s’, I knew Bond was a mission for growth.

  7. Dare Bond is a Film Producer. He started his early hustle as a writer, then a camera man, an editor, then a producer. He has worked with several media houses in varying capacities. He is quite popular on the TV and Media back end.

  8. Dare Bond managed a string of companies between Nigeria and Europe when he was only 22.


Bond, I Think you and UBA are perfect together. You spoke about working with UBA years ago and now you’re in the upper circle. I remember when you would just create random banking strategy years ago… you would then start writing on you room walls….like a crazy person.

[I thought you were crazy…now I know you are absolutely insane]

Congratulations on you new role as Head of the UBA marketing communications Agency and thank you @ubagroup for opening your minds to a weird unconventional genius like this. We heard the CEO Kennedy Uzoka – K.U is making some ‘out of the box’ chess moves. This is a lifestyle move of life. You people will see ‘LIVE FIRE’. Other banks- please be scared.’

Congrats Bond, more blessings and more successes. See pictures below:

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