The son of a Nigerian house of reps member Dolapo Badru, has been shot in London. He is the tenth person to be murdered in London within a 12-day period.

Abraham Badru was killed close to his family home in London. He was confirmed dead moments after policemen responded to reports of gunshots.

26 yr old Abraham Badru, was killed late in the evening on Sunday, March 25, 2018.

He was murdered in Dalston, Hackney. He was reported to have died at his mother’s side who was in tears as she held on to him on the pavement.

His death makes him the tenth person to be killed in a list of murders that have occurred in London over a 12-day period.
Reports of gunshot in the area had attracted the presence of the police.

“As soon as I heard the bang, I knew it was a gunshot. I’m ex-military and knew that couldn’t be a firework.

“I went to my balcony and saw a man slumped over on the ground at the back of a car.

“There was just one shot and a cry of pain. No speeding scooter and no speeding car.

“I didn’t see anyone make off,” a neighbour told the Daily Mail News.

“His mother came out and saw him on the floor. It was terrible listening to her collapse crying on the floor. She was just screaming.

“Everyone was very upset and I had to go away, I couldn’t take it. It happened on our doorstep and I had to say a little prayer for the family,” another witness revealed in a statement.

The Evening Standard, also reported that Abraham Badru earlier received a recognition for his heroics in the year 2015, “for saving a woman from a sex attack.”

He reportedly worked as a football coach after earning a Master’s degree in the same year.

Like most people who recognise the deceased, his father Dolapo offered an inspiring opinion about his late son.

“A few years ago a girl was raped on the estate and Abraham fought them off. He went to court to testify against them and the police gave him an award,” says the proud dad.

Dolapo Badru is a House of Reps member representing the Lagos Island and belongs to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

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