Kids entrepreneur, is the first ever Entrepreneurial Development centre for kids in Nigeria. Kid entrepreneurs are extremely passionate about sparking up the Entrepreneurial skills in kids and this is done through three major platforms – Entrepreneurial Products, Entrepreneurial Events and Entrepreneurial Courses (P.E.C). They recently won the British council awards and they took to Instagram to share the good news.

Here is what they had to say:
“On Saturday we @kidentrepreneurs WON the @britishcouncil @ngbritish @ng_enterprise Business Acceleration Grow it Award. .
We dedicate this award to every parent out there who has believed in our dream and shown great support by having your kids participate in our classes , fairs, trip, events and so on. Thank you so much. It is YOU that validated our concept!! .
Thank you also to our social media family for all your online support and spreading the word about us!”.

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